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Why stop at duality. Finally we are the product of thousands of components and we could stop grouping them around soul and personality or inner and outer being, essential being and transient states. We are a whole and we could just not care about the result as it doesn't change because we care: let it just be. And let's concentrate on targets that lie far away from our perso. This helps us avoid those stupid reactions because we are hurt personally and we never have to justify ourselves ... imagine!!
My new old life? I feel that I have only ONE life, it is not separated into before I got married, when I had the children at home, when I left last year, now that I am back etc. It is in fact all ONE stream and there is NO interruption, no gap at any places. So I NEVER compare life now with life before and I avoid projecting desires or wishes for tomorrow. What will come will be exactly rigtht, so I am ready to welcome it with a joyful heart. I know that this sounds too nice to be true, but why not make our world the way we want it to be - as Patrice said in his conference in July:

Nous vivons dans le monde tel que nous l'avons désiré. Il est grand temps de penser le monde tel que nous voulons qu'il soit.

P. Brasseur - début juillet 2006

... and  I can identify with this, I like it.

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