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I was asked:

Just wanted to know from you spontaneously how it was in this Vipassana Course you took part in lately. And are ‘they’ (the teachers …) in a good space do you think and not manipulating, whatever this means now.


Vipassana? I am a great fan. No contact with anything except you and life, your soul and other peoples souls, no physical contact with anybody, not even eye contact (so only soul to soul contact), no activities except mental discipline, your whole attention turned towards the air in your right nostril - the air being filled with the energy of the sun (energy of the sun = love and wisdom) and charged with life of all that exists (cows, the pope, your neighbour who hasn't washed for 4 days, the beauty you observe from afar, the tree above the Vipassana house etc.). Vipassana can make you understand how beautiful everything is, your life and all that happens in this life. It can push you the way of understanding that every moment in life is NEW and the ONLY real existence. What happened yesterday, last year, a minute ago is not real and we can just drop it. If we do this, we are LIGHT, free from all the weight, that WE put on our shoulders. etc. I'll stop here, it seems to me that I could fill pages and pages describing the great effect Vipassana can have on you if you are ready to leave your personality and all your prejudices outside, somewhere down in Biel. After ten days you can pick up whatever you want and be the same as before or you can "forget" what you dropped and stay light. ...
Personal? What is that?
Teachers? YOU are your only teacher, with life and what life fills your everyday with. Teachers are there like the exercise sheet at school. They are a provocation, a stimulation; up to you to deal with it.
Manipulate? Are you EVER in a non-manipulative situation? I am manipulating you right now, your children manipulate you, your newspapers manipulate you, the TV, radio, mass-media, you parents, etc. and the greatest manipulator of all is your own personality, who makes you think that what YOU decide is important. Our personality blinds us, makes us blunder all the time and manipulates us to think that it is the fault of the other. Bullshit!
Sorry about this string of thoughts that bridle now.
In short: just do it and don't expect any results, follow instructions with the best possible discipline, always be grateful and never proud.



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